KeKe’s Story (Dub)


The grown-up say he is naughty but Keke feels he is just being curious like any other boy — with a nagging mother who loves her family dearly, a father who is a philosopher-inventor, a mischievous puppy, Pipi — and a smart cute alien (yes, from outer space) pocket-sized companion, MoMo, who dropped in one day and decided to stay. Keke has his ups and downs like he does good and bad things — and stupid things!

He likes cartoons, doodling on his drawing pad and he dreams of long holidays and of being grown-up — and no longer under Mama’s thumb. But in the meantime, normal life gets in the way like going to school and carrying his boring bento lunch made by Mama, so let us meet Keke and his family and may the fun begin!

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